About the Symposium

The USJ Doctoral Symposium‘s (DOCS 2023) purpose is to offer doctoral students and supervisors, researchers and post-doctoral fellows, invited speakers, prospective candidates and the public, in general, a shared space for the presentation, discussion and exchange of experiences regarding the research strategies and results (preliminary, final) as also innovative multi-, interdisciplinary (and eventually transdisciplinary) investigation approach proposals considering the nine specialisations of the USJ Doctoral Programme: Global Studies, History, Religious Studies, Education, Psychology, Business Administration, Government Studies, Science and Information Systems. 

DOCS 2023 aims to contribute to the integral development of the USJ as a hub of multicultural innovation, part of an international Macau linking Asia, Europe and the Lusophone world, fostering inter-, multi-disciplinary (and trans-disciplinary) research environment fuelled by inspiring academic and research teams and enthusiastic cohort of students. 

DOCS 2023 program embraces invited talks, roundtables, presentations of research results from PhD projects, poster exhibitions, and social events.