General Chair

Adérito Fernandes-Marcos, Dean of the Doctoral School of the University of Saint Joseph, Macao. 

Scientific Committee of the Doctoral School:

Adérito Fernandes-Marcos, Dean of the Doctoral School (DOCS) (Chair)

Carlos Sena Caires, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH)

Fr. Cyril Jerome Law, Dean of the Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy (FRSP)

Jenny Lao Phillips, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)

Jacky Ho, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)

Rochelle Ge, Dean of the School of Education (SE)

David Gonçalves, Dean of the Institute of Science and Environment (ISE)

George Du, Dean of the Institute for Data Engineering and Science (IDEAS) 

Sectorial Chairs:

Gerald Estadieu, FAH/USJ (Global Studies)

Denis Zuev, FAH/USJ (History)

Thomas Cai, FRSP/USJ (Religious Studies)

Vitor Teixeira, FHS/USJ (Psychology)

Miranda Mak, SE/USJ (Education)

Douty Diakité, FBL/UDJ (Government Studies)

Alexandre Lobo, FBL/USJ (Business Administration)

David Gonçalves, ISE/USJ (Science)

George Du, IDEAS/USJ (Information Systems)

Student Volunteers

Glyn Alexander Duggan, FAH/USJ (specialisation: History) 

Nair Cardoso, SE/USJ (specialisation: Education)

Rachel Luna Peralta (specialisation: Education) 

Faustino Jr. Tabuloc Tabilas (specialisation: Psychology) 

Anne A. Limbo, FBL/USJ (specialisation: Business Administration) 

Andreia Neto, FBL/USJ (specialisation: Business Administration) 

Publicity and Media:

Jerusa Antunes, CPRO/USJ 

Jasmine Wong, CPRO/USJ

Sophia Cheok, CPRO/USJ

Secretariat and Academic Office:

Anthony Okorocha, AAO/USJ 

(USJ Ilha Verde Campus at dusk)